Curated Links: 11/20/23

Why I Sold Our Target Date Retirement Funds

Target date retirement funds work great when you’re in your working years. You automatically invest the money (e.g., through your 401(k)), and let the fund do all of the work.  “Set it and forget it” is a perfect mantra for these funds.  The simplicity is attractive, and they do their job well.

How To Talk About Money Without Stressing Yourself Out

Talking about money is rarely fun. But at times when money is tighter it’s less so because, as Seth Gillihan, clinical psychologist in Ardmore, Pennsylvania and author of Mindful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, points out, “money is never just about money.”

Do Hard Things if You Want an Easy Life

Having the freedom to do what you want and being comfortable doesn’t come easy. We must work hard for that privilege every single day. And we will never reach an end state where our lives will always be easy.

Why indexing and private markets are considered to be the biggest disrupters of the past 50 years

The rise of index funds and, more recently, private markets investments have been key disrupters in the story of U.S. retirement savings that Pensions & Investments has been covering over the past 50 years.

A Few Laws of Getting Rich

Correlation isn’t causation, and that sample size is tiny. But a statistic that is so much worse than the national average, on a topic so fundamental to happiness, among a group whose lives are envied by so many, is interesting, isn’t it?