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This Week at a Glance

  • Legacy planning isn’t just for the ultra-wealthy. The choices you make today can impact generations for years to come. Read or listen to this month’s post to learn how you can use your money to make a lasting impact.
  • Data out this week showed that the US economy expanded at a 4.9% annualized rate in the third quarter, besting economist estimates. What does this mean? A strong economy likely means stubbornly high inflation which means higher interest rates.
  • ICYMI – Many wealthy individuals get rich by taking big bets. While such approaches can help you accelerate your path to financial independence, it can also expose you to catastrophic losses. That’s why I’m advocating for taking a prudent approach to speculative investing.

How to Avoid Leaving a Failed Legacy

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “leaving a legacy?” Well, when it comes to money, you might think about the ins-and-outs of estate plans, right?

Well, the truth is that that’s just one side of the big picture.

You see, too often, many of us get caught up in thinking about WHAT our money can do after we’re gone instead of HOW the ones we care about might actually use our wealth.

Indeed, legacy planning centered solely around money is simply a passive strategy built on the hope that your beneficiaries will take your pile of cash and hopefully do something good with it one day.

So then, what can you do if you truly want to use your money to make a dent in the universe?

Well, you can start by actively using your wealth today to intentionally form and cultivate relationships that last the test of time.

In other words, you can begin by “living your legacy” instead of planning to “leave a legacy.”

And why’s that important?

Well, that’s because cultivating healthy relationships is a key determinant of our emotional well-being. Ultimately, genuine connections, shared experiences, and mutual understanding form the core of enduring legacies.

In essence, a legacy built solely on cash can easily vanish, but one grounded in meaningful relationships stands the test of time.

You know, every day offers an opportunity to shape your legacy. And so, you can start today by cultivating healthy relationships, giving your money purpose, and laying the foundation for future wealth appreciation.

How to Live a Lasting Legacy

So then, as you’re thinking about how you can make your mark on future generations, don’t wait until you’re taking your final breaths. Start today with a few simple steps to live your legacy:

Step #1: Combine Money and Relationships Right Now to Create a Lasting Legacy

Start by reflecting on even the smallest relationships you have and their importance in your life.

Ask Yourself: How can I use my wealth to strengthen and enhance these vital relationships?

By combining your money with human connection, you build a legacy now that is rich in both material and emotional value. It becomes a testament to your priorities and a symbol of the memories you cherish.

Step #2: Focus Your Wealth as a Tool for Positive Impact

Find ways to focus a portion of your assets to intentionally be allocated to experiential and educational endeavors.

Ask Yourself: What shared experiences can I invest today in that would leave a meaningful mark? And what small financial commitments can I make now to shortcut the learning of future generations?

Money, when channeled into avenues like education or shared experiences, amplifies its value manifold. It not only creates immediate impact but also seeds change that can span generations.

Step #3: Plan, Document, and Guide Your Legacy

Dedicate time to strategically plan a vision for your legacy, ensuring it remains resilient and aligns with your values.

Ask Yourself: How can I structure, document, and guide my legacy so that it not only represents my life’s work but also offers a roadmap for those to come?

A meticulously planned and documented legacy acts as a guiding light for future generations. Through strategic structures, trusts, and foundational work, you ensure that your legacy stays solid and continues to reflect your values, wishes, and intentions for years down the road.

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